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Hello there and Happy 4th to you and yours!!! What a wonderful post! I can remember being at the base of the Statue of Liberty years and years ago. My family was born and raised on the East coast and I actually took a "field trip" to New York City when I was in middle school. (we lived in Philly) The twin towers, the ferry, the empire... etc. These are memories that I'll never forget and I am truly thankful every day for such wonderful opportunities!

Have a great day!
Christina ")

Hope you had a wonderful July 4th MyChelle. Lots of love.

Oh goody about our statue. I had the pleasure of doing a tour of Ellis Island a few years back it was wonderful and a must see for anyone who wonders about immigration the bases of what our country is made of!!

Wonderful show about Ellis Island on PBS today...and another about the American Flag, which I watched while dozing off...wish I would have been more tuned amazing.

We are so fortunate...and we need to be reminded.

Thanks, Michelle.


Hmmm...think I am still tuned I need a Technical Writer to proofread what I write. Where are you, Michelle?


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