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Magnificant pictures. The airplane shadow pic is awesome. Glad it was a good day.

LOVE the shadow pic best of all.

So...when are you guys flying down to Fortuna and the Rohnerville Airport???

We sure had fun at McMennamin's - seems like we were old friends...

Ilene and Dave

Ah, what a bunch of flying fun! Sorry the camping trip fell through, but glad you were still up for flying---yay you! Sweet shadow photo!!

That flying looks like fun. Love the self portrait! The round robin book is wonderful. So many gorgeous pages! Jeanne in Hillsboro

Flying is so freeing, I just love it! I frequently wish I could just rise above this plane (level :) esp when I'm in traffic!

Glad you had fun

Gorgeous pics! You're a brave girl! No small planes for me. The pic of the two of you in the plane is cute too!


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