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I think you, Andrea, all of the friends and the box of charms should move to Sweden...I'm jus' sayin....

What a fun time!!! Love that idea and dominoes are definitely a summer game around our house and at the lake. Have fun on your vacation. It sounds wonderful! Hugs!

What a fun gathering!! Have fun visiting with family in Cali and I look forward to seeing you at the retreat!!!!


oh you. it was a grand time if i do say so myself! havent gotten around to blogging it yet so i'm glad you got some pictures up. your dominoe charm was much loved by all and all the charms look so cool together on my bracelet! they are quite a collection and i just sit and gush over the bracelet every time i look at it! cant wait for the next one! xoxo

oh this lasy photo makes me want to pull an Amelie and stick my hands in with the that weird?

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