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Oh my...I'm so jealous...I know that the photos do not do justice for all of Sally Jeans "Pretty Little Things"...yes you'd have to pinch me as well. Thanks for sharing...have a great weekend. Roberta

Did Kari tell you? We decided next year we want a meet up in your woods. So start planning!

JJJEEEAAALLLOOUUUSSS!! At first I was jealous of that sandwich...and then your tour! Mama mia!

I think your area is "where it's at" for "happening" people and cool art. I found Sally Jean on the internet several years ago and she made special charms for all my neighbor women gals for Christmas. They love them and she was a delight to deal with. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her studio!

Thanks, Michelle, and have a wonderful vacation!!! So glad you will be with Glen and family and that Miranda gets to join you.

Oh! You all look lovely. That food looks so deliciously mouth watering.

The studio has a lot of interesting stuff. I like the collection of books, and the necklaces and bracelets, so gorgeous.

hey sweets,
what a perfect day!!!
y'all look so stinken cute.

AHHHH! I want to be you Michelle! Please!
xo natalea

Oh, happy vacay! You lucky thing, at Sally's! Love your domino charms. I'm making Marie A charms for a swap, so if you have a domino left over, let me know and we can swap! Why didn't I take you up on Charmsters- waaa! Let me know if that's an option.

OMG YOu lucky lucky Girls I am so green You had way to fun!!! It looked all to perfect!!!

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