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hey there doll,
i receievd one of these from Cristine.
i was shocked.
such a great idea.
can't wait to see ya.
i hear you are coming to Kims in sept??
i hope so.

Don't you love getting mail from our fellow bellas!!!

Hey Michelle! Those Bella's are soooo sweet! :) tee-hee

Wish I had thought of it first.

This years gonna be special... I can feel it! hugs, Joanna

What fun!!! I so wish I had signed gals are going to have a blast!!!

What a cool idea! I am getting very excited about November!!!

We are cleaning out my in-laws house and no one understands why I want the old wallpaper.

I just about ripped an old rose off one of her birthday gifts tonight...but I restrained myself as I heard Bellas were ladies...heehee!!!

I am thinking about Kim's in the Winter or Spring. I just drool when I visit her site!

Isn't this the sweetest idea?

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