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Okay, Michelle, that just looks plain fun!

Outstanding, Michelle! I just love this. you have done a wonderful job transforming your notebook. I can't wait to get my hands on it ;)

Hey Michelle keep me in mind if you start another round robin project. This just looks like so much fun.

So Cool !

This looks like so much fun! GREAT job!

Great idea, Michelle!!

Hey, funny girl, I love this and just LOVED your email. I still haven't had time or energy to write back but I have read it about three time and read it to my hubs (just so I could say eeEEEEEEKKKKK outloud and show him I could do it right.

love love love what you got yesterday. That will be unbelievably cool! Our treasure is the Irene South Dakota post office boxes, which we use as a wine rack.

I check your site fun!!! You make me smile and I am very proud of you for working on your degree. I went back to grad school at 38...not easy! Old lady with all these kids! I was "Mom"!!! There and at home. You go, girl. What a great goal.

Are you a Marie Antoinette crafter? I found the CUTEST lamp at an estate sale...old funny house and a tiny lamp for $6.50! Old wires and no shade. I would love to gift it to someone who would use is...somehow I don't see you in this but let me know...or if you have a friend...

Hugs to you, sweetie!

Wow. Just Wow. I love this one!!

It looks great Michelle! I am looking forward to getting it someday soon. I am going to go write about and show mine now. Catherine

this is so awesome
i am almost speechless (almost)
i hope you will show it when you get it back...
& share the others too...
oh, i just love this!
you are incredible...


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