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Fantastic find!

Oh Michelle, it looked like a radio cabinet. We've got one that still has the insides and we had it worked on and it all still works, radio, record player. However, I am thinking it could have a new life if hubby ever gets tired of his toy... Have fun, it's so perfect.

Your flowers are gorgeous. So pretty.

SCORE!!!! Lucky goodwill hunting!!!

Yippee ! Maybe Glenn needs to talk with Mark and he can go with me more often. I don't think he'd mind finding a treasure like that. Oh - and your peonies. G o r g e o u s ! I know I'm not suppose to be jealous, but mine aren't blooming yet. Maybe i got a dud bulb - might have to make a trip to the farm this weekend ! have a super week !

AAH! A girl after my own heart! I bought a vintage radio cabinet a few years ago, meaning to turn it into a bar too...alas, one of those projects that never got done, and the cabinet ended up at our Goodwill. I can't wait to see how yours turns out!

That is such a wonderful find and Glen is so kind for accomodating your love of the hunt! I found a lovely hardwood dinner set at the local flea market for $150.00 with 8 chairs and it will be soon distressed and in the kitchen! Glad midsommar, seester!

what pretty photos.


me likey radio cabinet = Bar = fabulousness

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