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Sounds fun! I know what you mean about scrapbooking. I totally consider myself a quilter, but the last quilt I finished was years ago. I find there is a big overlap between scrapbooking and other art/craft forms anyway.

I just took out the years supply of kits that I have purchased and plan on digging into them tonight to get some layouts done. I am a scrapper that has discovered altered and mixed media art :) Love that decorated bag and that bag of ivory stuff is lovely!

Michelle your day with your art buddies sounds like heaven to me. No body close to me does anything I'm into:(

I can't wait to see what you come up with in your little book from ArtNest. Have a blast!!!

Sounds like such fun! Love the tote stocked up with all your crafting goddies. So fab. . .

Hugs, Kim

it was so fun to meet you, michelle! you are quite a talent & sweet as can be :) thank you for bringing your beautiful books to share...i loved looking through them! i hope that we will get to play again sometime...jill & i might just need to take a summer field trip up to portland...yes! :)

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