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girlfriend - you need to package some of that goodness up and bring it down to sell at the Creative Boutique ! It's worth a shot anyway. So happy for you to be a vendor. I hope to get to SB one of these years :)

That is so cool and now I KNOW why I cannot find any of those goodies for have them all! :)

Michelle....yeah...we're vendor buddies. :) Maybe we'll be near each other...that way we can shop from each other. :) I know buying more stuff, while unloading things is not quite right...but who cares? I was so excited to see your name on the list. Why isn't some of that on your Etsy site, young lady?? :)

How Perfect! Now we know why you've been collecting these for all these years :)

Congratulations! That's wonderful - and such yummy wares too. I wish I could pop in...

Oh all your things just sing to me. I love the items I bought from you at ArtNest. Much success to you at Silver Bella.

Oh Sweet Michelle, Can't wait to be the first in line at your booth! Love it all and I am certainly with you on having to have it all! I was so excited for you and your ebay watch parts buy, and now I can have a little of that magic also. I especially love the Santa and his sleigh! I'm delirious over your goods. See you in November!

I'm saving my pennies starting now! Love all your treasures...I bet its hard to let go, but I'll be happy to give some of them a very good home! Can't wait to see you!

WOO HOO!!!!!
yeah, you have the best stuff.
can't wait.
im starting to save my pennies.


Yay! Looks like we're both making that vendor leap...I'm in too!!!

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