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those charms are great.

Your charms are SO charming! hehe. I need me some dimond glaze, I can tell! Happy summer!

Michelle, You find the make the best trades. These charms are great! Wish a had a group to do some of these fun swaps with. Hope you enjoy your nice weather days!

I am so impressed with your text charms! And I am especially impressed that you made them completely out of your stash! Can't wait to see what you get back!

have a great weekend, I am planning to, also!

Very that diamond glaze stuff hard to work with?? What else can you do with it?? I love that you are getting rid of your stash. I need to do that. :) I love the charms.

I see earrings with your charms! How cool are they? Love them!! What a great way to use your bobby pins :). Isn't the weather great this weekend?! Hoping to finish a portrait painting today & then play outside (ok, weed, maybe start our garden...). Have fun with your guests!!

I think I might need to play around with diamond glaze too!

I curtsy to you, oh queen of charms!!!! Those are great!!

girl friend - those charms are fabulous ! and where do you find out about all of these swaps. i think the jealous bug is in season. My momma used to use those exact hair pins to secure her wigs with. Ha ! don't you just love memory lane :)

Those charms are wonderful, Michelle! I love them. Lorie

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