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great post, thanks for sharing!

Happy mother's day, Michelle....not often we get to see the before of one of these glorious books...can't wait to see it all juiced up! xo

I will be looking forward to seeing this book as it progresses! I l.o.v.e. what you did with the pages! That old buff color looks great! What a great to get nice sturdy pages!

That was so clever. I can't wait to see what you come up will be amazing. Just looking at the few things you gathered pretty. Happy belated Mother's Day!

Hi Michelle, Happy Mother's Day! Your Marie circle journal sound like a fun project. I'll be hoping to see a future post with photos of the finished creation. Soul Hugs, Caryn

I haven' really jumped on the Marie bandwagon either...but I just finished a Marie painting! I will post it on my blog tonight! I can't wait to see your book as it moves along!!

I am coveting those beautiful buttons! :-)

Smiles and blessings,

oooooohhhhhhh (she squeals) LOOK at those buttons! :-)

Those charms are over the top wonderful. You need to post them on Spotted Canary. I love the vellum and would have never thought to use it. The packaging was perfect too. It is all in the presentation isn't it? Toot toot....these are amazing!

I'm in the Marie book swap and was thinking along the same lines you are. I'm so glad you figured it out before. You just saved me from my usual overthinking and messing up when it was really so much simplier. A sincere and heart-felt thank you.

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