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I looked the game up on Wiki, shew! That looks HARD! You must be of the super intelligentia! ;-)
LOVE your shadow shot! You are too, too clever!
I wanna go to Poppy & Ivy!
hugs, Cheryl in IN

Michelle...what a wonderful weekend! You and Lilli are too cute (and the boys too)! Here's to great weekends with friends!!!

Michelle it sounds and looks from your great pictures that a terrific time was had by all of you.
Wow you can actually walk to the Pub how cool is that!
Can't wait to see what Lilli gifted to you on their visit.

'Twas the perfect weekend, My Buddy! The perfect little getaway. Fun friends, walking, pub, talking, gelato, shopping, home cooking, board game, repeat :)

That view looks very familiar ;-)

Sounds like a glorious weekend. However, you were missed at Eric's wedding weekend festivities which were just too beautiful! If only Portland and North Dakota could have been just a little closer, just for this one weekend!

What fun!! Friends, Portland play, finding treasures (is that a J, B, & E I see in your stash?! NICE!) sounds like a fabulous time! p.s. have you ever discovered Cargo in the Pearl district?! Ack, Brad & I did during his birthday escape---talk about an amazing shopping find.... plan to post pics from there soon on my blog...

I have several beautiful pics of city views taken in that Rose Garden. The mountain was really out that day. Happy you had such a wonderful weekend.

Oooh it looks like you girls had so much fun!!!
So nice to see your smiling faces:)

Looks like you and Liili and your two guys had a wonderful time together. Loved seeing all the fun places your visited!

oh yay!! How wonderful that you and sweet Lilli had some fun together again! You girls are just too cute and it makes me smile to see you two enjoying each others company! thanks for sharing the pics! xox natalea

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