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I think that the paper on the gorgeous large journal is marbling. I don't think there is a specific name for the pattern. My son had a teacher who was a marbling artist, and I got to do several kinds with him and my son's class.

It isn't hard, and the kids made the best ones. I still have some of the cards, etc, that my son made with his papers. Look it up on the web, you would be great at it!
Look for paper marbling...

Wonderful gift and love the goodies inside! Happy weekend!


I don't know how you can eat those sour chip flavors! They burn off my taste buds. But I'm happy to bring you as many as you want :)

Wow wow! Fun gifties! I think I agree with Gwen above, that's marbled paper on the large journal. We have a friend that got into it for a while, starting off in Brad's shop, so we had fun playing with him (& still have some envelopes & clothing items he made w/marbling---I even have a marbled bikini my youngest wants now!! HA!)

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