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I am so JEALOUS!! You get to take a class with Judy Wilkenfeld! That is seriously COOL! You have to take a million pictures and write a blow-by-blow account of it!

You certainly are a lucky girl!

Wow, I am continually amazed that you participate in so many cool art events. It is awesome and I'm a little jealous, but love to hear about you creative adventures.

I'm so glad you're joining us Michelle, we are going to have a great time!

Judy's Work is amazing , her books belong in museums .You are lucky and will have a blast. That is a great area of the country. I used to live in Manhattan beach for 7 years. hugs Julie

Hmmm, June 6th in Eugene?!? Are there still spaces open? Hmm...

You and Lilli look so cute! Wish I was in that Marie circle journal. Left you a blog award. :)

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