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Absolutely Beautiful!! Great job & what a fun souvenir Michelle!!

You are really talented, this is a BEAUTIFUL book! What a fun thing to do to store trades and memories!

Did you really make that book all by yourself? I'm not surprised it's just that I LOVE it!
Miranda-things sound like they are going good ;-) Can hardly wait to see you all this summer. xoxo

I just love this Michelle! xo natalea

Hi Michelle! That's a very nice little book. I love seeing what you make with your souvenirs from art retreats.


Hey ! That's my little trade on the cover. (childish giggle inserted here)
please bring that on Saturday ! I would love to see it. Can't wait to see you !

That book is adorable, and your supplies are drool-worthy. Blogging about our swappy and your charms. Thanks again.

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