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Shite..that is a totally CUTE pup!

There is nothing in this world I lOVE more then puppies!!!!!!! His head is so big how can his body hole it up???

Oh My Lord! Angus is SO CUUUUTE that I want to go get me one right now!

I just popped on here this morning and couldn't believe my luck Michelle. This is exactly the puppy I have been yearning for.
He is just so sweet and adorable. I won't be able to get one for probably along time but I still want one of the little buggers so much.

Thanks for cheering my morning with your cute,cute pictures of your new little friend.

Nope, can't be done, this is the cutest little puppy I have seen in a long time...

Now THIS blog is MY idea of some SERious CUTEness. Don't see how I can concentrate on my work after this! And here I thought my baby grandson was the cutest -- HA!

Okay, I have to adorable fur babies (9 and 10) so I worry we'll have the same issues shortly but that puppy is so cute and adorable. I mean serious snuggle potential.

Also, did I just miss your incredible banner? I get in google reader mode so often I don't always see the actual blogs but I'm loving this header. Greatness!

Holy Moly! This is the cutest little bundle I have seen in a long time!! I think that he might even be cuter than our Nell (don't tell her I said that!)

what a sweetie!!!

AAACCCCKKKK!!!! Adorable-ness to the max!!! I had to show Brad & he melted too! I'm not at all in the market for a dog, but iffffffff we were to get one, I always said I would have to have a corgi---proof right here! Of course I thought he was yours at first glance---sweet story though---and the reason we're not getting a dog, how painful it is to say g'bye when you have to---can't imagine having to x3! Pure LOVE!!! (just wanna pick up & squish!!)

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