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I think it smells of roses and oranges with a little cloves...thank you for sending my thoughts elsewhere when my life is in a little turmoil!

Hola Chica!

Yes... those little rhinestone pins are so cute. And I love how described your findings at Goodwill. Very funny.


hey sweets,
Hey you should come to Jenn's event in May!!!!!
that would be so fun!!!

very cute.
oh well, there's always room in one's life for more crap from goodwell!

i mean goodwill.

o.k., I read you occais. & don't know the story...are you pursuing your degree? I gather from your pic that you are around my age...I went to school part-time for 10 years and graduated w/my bach degree in '07. Believe it or not...I MISS it, now! I need to go for my masters because w/o the stimulation from the world of brain is turning to oatmeal!
love your blog,
Cheryl in Indiana

What a pretty pin cushion. I love the rhinestone pins, where did you find those?

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