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Wish I was going to Art Fest with you! I know you'll have a great time and I can't wait to see your blog posts about it. I'd better get to saving so I can go next year.

+ love those tickets! :)

xo ~ Karen

Hope you have a terrific time at ArtFest Michelle and lots of pictures please.

Sounds like you're in a great space right now, Lovey :) I'm so glad, esp after all those classes!

Love the tickets. Does anything cost 5 cents anymore?!

It is so nice that you are in good spirits and it does come through on your post. It has been rainy here on the east coast too. I am hoping that it will wash away the tail end of winter and bring forth some new spring life. What great finds. Have fun at Art Fest can't wait to hear about your time there. Keep spreading the love, Caryn

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