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Oh my gosh...I knew we were kindred! Iron & Wine and Radiohead ~ yep. Love 'em. Have you heard The Trapeze Swinger by Iron & Wine? It's 9+ minutes of good. I saw them perform it on PBS...soundstage maybe? Or Austin City Limits? So far I haven't found a way to buy it without purchasing the whole "In Good Company" soundtrack.

Thanks for the good list of tunes.

~ k

Totally know what you mean! Certain songs just take you back and bring you such a great feeling. Even some horrible songs from the 80s--because of the times I associate with them--I love them.

HI Michele, My week has been such a whirlwind since arriving home Monday night in the middle of a great big snow storm. I love the photos and the music that you shared from the art nest. It was fantastic to meet you and I will be checking in here to see what's new and happening with you. I truely hope that our paths will cross again.
Big love, Caryn

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