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You two look so peaceful and happy. Got my wonderful,treasurefilled box from you.

Thank you so much I'm a happy girl!!!

Such a beautiful picture, Glen, Michelle, and the awesome Pacific coast sunset!

We have an evil Kitty too named Q-Tip all she does is bite and all we do is pamper her sorry butt !!!! I just bought her a heating/ massage pad yesterday! And about 2 months ago I had someone in to do Rake'( sp? ) on her as I heard that kittie's who bite have spine pain ?!? My husband keeps saying he is going ot take her out for a ride and a " dirt nap"... Tee hee hugs julie

ah, sweet memories of vegging during school break! I never watch t.v., but would during break. Or, I'd sit & read magazines & paint my nails...have a glass of wine.
Can't wait to hear about the trip.
xo, Cheryl in IN (Whosyergurl)

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