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Beautiful pix. Reminds me of when Steve and I drove down the Oregon coast on our way to a concert in Medford. Gorgeous views. Glad you had fun! Sounds like you've recharged your batteries :)

Congrats on your A in Spanish! That must feel really good!

Yay, an A! Good Job!! Thanks for sharing your weekend fun---brings back memories of our get-aways! P.S. cool scarf, and journal art!!

What a sweet post about your weekend! It sounds near perfect--forget the near, it sounds PERFECT!! I love the Oregon coast, too. It's where we went for our honeymoon!

Your journal pages rock! I get to get my hands on your circle journal tomorrow, I think YOU are getting it at AF!

It looks like you had a wonderful relaxing and splendid time. I love all the pics you took. The scarf is beautiful as are all the journal pages. Hope your relaxing feeling sticks around a bit longer.

Best blog and best pics EVER.

Oh, thank you for the pictures of the coast, etc. It almost made me feel like I could be there too. Love, Love, Love.

Us Canadians had our March break last week. Looks like you are having a wonderful time :)


Hey Girlie....

Sounds like you had a fabulous lil' getaway :) I just can't believe you were so close and didn't stop by and say Hi. Hope we get a chance to see each other soon. Sounds like you've had some amazing inspiration.


oh my. what lovely pics! I love your future home! Love the scarf & art pages! Don't you just love dreams? they are so powerful. I too, love storms. I was so dissapointed when we didn't get rain or storms (even though we had angry, dark clouds) when we were @ the grand canyon last oct. I've always said that I'm a witch that way because I adore storms.
AND, CONGRATS on your A! You rawk, girlfriend! hugs, Cheryl in IN (Whosyergurl)

What a wonderful trip~

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