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Dear Michelle, I hope you have a fantastic time. It sounds like a wonderful event!

what freckles?

Have a super-wonderful time, Sweetie! I wish I were going to, but I'll make back there eventually :)

Hasta, Seester!

I love your Moo cards Michelle! Can't wait to hear about your lovely time at Artfest. XO Cherie Wilson

I'm jealous. SOmeday I may make it to Artfest. Have a wonderful time! I think the sea creature pieces are so cute! The necklace is beautiful!

You see how I placed that girl on the bird on your blog banner? Now that I think about it, it's perfect cause that would describe how you are always flying off to some fabulous are weekend!Have fun!

Sandy xox

Thank you so much for working on Cordelia's book down at the Journaling night. I loved ArtFest again this year...but, was sick, so a lot of things flew right over my trades and catching up with you. Sigh. Looking forward to seeing more of your ArtFest photos in upcoming blog posts.

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