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Oh Michelle, it all looks like so much fun! Such fun girls all together in one place!


oh my gosh, I love all these photos! I just have a big smile right now and such warm feelings toward everyone that was there. I find myself checking all the girls' blogs a least daily hoping for more Art Nest. Thanks for the fix!

I especially love the things you created in Jane's class. I'm just waiting for my torch & tripod to arrive in the mail and off I'll go in that direction. :)

~ k

Hi Michelle,it was such a kick to meet you after following along with your blog for the last few months. You took some terrific photos of everyone.
We had an emergency with my DIL the first night home from ArtNest. I ended up spending the night and next day with my little 11 week old grandson.
I have not a any chances to play with all the art ideas yet but its gonna happen.
I loved getting to know you better and hope to cross paths again one day soon.

ps-I did take a few moments today and went through some of the trades and yours was one I still marvel at how tiny and perfect.

Such wonderful memories!!!

Oh sweetie...I love you too! I miss you.

Looks like you gals had a blast at Art Nest! What fun...thanks for sharing it all with us.

Beautiful art, things, people. I think your paintings are beautiful! well done, you go girl!

Hi, I can't get enough of this post. It is such a beautiful tribute to our time at the nest. I have such warm meommories of our time together. Thinking of you often, Caryn

your collection of images captures so well our weekend at the nest, how fabulous to read your post and immerse myself again in the cozy wonderfulness of it all. so many darling faces, amazing art, and smiles and laughter. so wishing you were my next door neighbor!
your tiny box has captured my heart. thank you also for the wonderful wools, such a happy stack on my desk.
happy friday! Julie

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