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Hey, Michelle! I love that you're pursuing your degree. I need to do the same and would love to talk with you about it.

Where do you find the time to keep your blog updated so often?

Can't wait to see you and hear and see all about your ArtNest experience! Counting down the days until ArtFest... geez, I need a vacation!

What a fun way to record a day and get a peek into a day in your life. I am not much of a picture taker so it would be quite the challenge for me, but I am always up for a good challenge. Maybe I'll have to try it next month.

Thanks for sharing your Michelleday. Nice to meet Baghera (named for the panther in The Jungle Book, I assume?)


Sweet glimpse into your day! Love pics like this. Thanks for sharing---need to note this for next month, would be fun to participate!

Lovely pictures of your day, that afternoon snack looks delicious, I wish I could eat so healthily.

What great photos! Love the slippersThanks for sharing your day with us!

Heh, I like the slippers - and Baghera's a cool name for a cat!

fun concept..I will check out the link!
hope all is well with you Michelle! xo

Great photos! Thanks for sharing your day.

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