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Wow Chica, you're the coolest girl ever! I loved reading your randomness. I'm not sure I could come up with so many interesting things about myself!

Congrats on getting your ArtFest stuff done.

We're supposed to get some sunshine here and there today. Hope you do too

Happy Monday!

What a bunch of fun personal peeks into Ms. Michelle! Love these little pieces of humanity---how unique we all are & interesting too! Also love your latest art cards! Brad was peering over my shoulder, not knowing what they were but saying "whoa, those are cool!" Did you paint each one? Looks like it :).

P.S. Can't believe you too bought your first pair of cowboy boots this year!! Speaking of random...

i just ordered some popcorn bags from u...u have a lovely blog!

What a great post. Impressive about your driving test.

I love your ATC's, makes me want to go get out the paints! Have a fabulous time at ArtNest.

Wow, Seester! You are always on the go and creating like, a maniac! I am afraid of jellyfish, but I like yours. The colors are fabulous! Have a great time!

That was so fun reading about you Michelle! I'm excited to meet you at Art Nest! Love the wolf howl contest and karaoke in front of 900! wow!

oh! i'm so totally coming after you on facebook.

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