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Wow, what a busy weekend! Makes me miss Portland... Miranda looks so fancy in her stage make-up! What a cool opportunity for her! Enjoy your day off---we've been working all weekend & today too... just the opposite!

Lovely picture of Miranda Ariel. Good times.
Regarding the Evergreen Museum info, is the Spruce Goose now located there?

What a wonderful weekend! I saw the V. monologues in Philadelphia a few years ago, and I loved them! Your Miranda does look glamourous in her stage make-up, but I can tell she'd be beautiful without it too!


Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Love it when I can stay in my jammies till noon and drink coffee! Nothing better!

Your daughter's involvement must have made it so spectacular! She is beautiful!!!!
I'm so jealous...I mean happy...that you are going to ArtNest. I was there one year ago and I had the best time!
Give hugs to my girlfriends Beth and Julie- they rock!

Miranda looks fabulous! I have not seen the VM, but it sure is on my list of things to see. I had to delete my family was beginning to complain, lol!

My comments got ated! LOL!
Miranda looks lovely and have a great and leisurely time off!

I've just been watching an episode of The History Detectives on PBS, where they look into whether a particular altimeter was in Howard Hughes' plane crash in Beverly Hills. Part of the investigation took place in the E.A.Museum and I remembered you mentioning the Spruce Goose. I love serendipity :)

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