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The little bundles of wool scraps are ADORABLE!

Have fun ar ArtNest and gather lots of memories...


Love the little bundles! Do roomies get to pre-shop?! I had better get to the ATM and get money! I tagged my silver, but need to run to the fabric store and buy a yard of black velvet to display them on...I have such cute display options, but they are all too big or heavy to bring with me...........My little trades won't show up on my blog until tomorrow morning! See ya soon!

Awesome stuff, Michelle. I'll take one of everything!!!
See you tomorrow:) Yahoo!!!!

Have a great time....your bundles DO look like petit fours.....ahhhhh petit I'm going to need some cake.

MMMM, Petit fours...Why does everything remind me of food...I saw those popcorn bags,! Have a great and artful time and don't forget to upload the Etsy when you get back!

eeekk have a blast doll.
take lots of pictures!!!

Ah, what fun you're going to have! A whole bunch of time to PLAY! See you when you return!!

oooh!! hope you have lots of fun Michelle!!! I was just saying on Kari's blog how I always want to go to Artnest!! :-) I am from Utah and still have lots of family there. I hope you have a great time!! Can't wait to see what you make! :-) xoxo!!!!!!!!!! Britt :-)

Hope you have left-overs, I'll take one of each also!
Hope you are having a fabulous time sweetie!

The bundles are adorable...I can see why you love looking at them. Anxious to see your pictures from Art Nest! You will have a wonderful time, I know!!

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