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Buena suerte. I took 3 years of Spanish and still can't remember much. But it's a beautiful language and I enjoyed my classes

Love your pages! You're so good at trying new stuff

Happy Tuesday!

Stunning pages. Makes me want to pull out all my supplies and create today. Isn't it nice when a piece inspires others that way?! Beautiful!

Have fun in spanish class. I took 5 years in school but have only touched on it a bit while teaching the young one. Conjugation of the verbs is most important, everything else is just memory.

Funny. I won't pretend to understand or speak spanish. :) But Good luck to you.
xoxo, Joanna

Your pages are beautiful!

Cool circle journal pages!! Eliza just called to say she got into the Spanish class she wanted this term---same teacher as last term---they opened 3 spots for students on a waiting list---one particularly for her! She's happy :). Good luck with your class---I've taken Spanish & French & get them both mixed up all the time!!

Happy new year, Michelle! Your pages are really fantastic..looking forward to seeing more journaling!!

Feliz Navidad, Seester!
I too am behind the time of the year and will be artistically prepared to dig in shortly! I bought not one crafty thing in America ( not including the stuff I pre-ordered before I arrived;) )...I must dig in to the proberbial stash and "MAKE IT WORK"!

Awesome pages! I can't wait to see them in person when my journal circles back to me (and I'm glad to see that they are still in circulation- I think there was a log jam along the way and I haven't seen any journals come my way in a few months.) Check out the journal pages I did (I'm pretty sure your journal is among them) on my webpage:

Oy...good luck on the Spanish. Good job on the organizing of the craft room....I wish I was that good of a girl. I suck. I'm glad you liked everything. I'm thinking of ways to make it to Portland to take you up on your thrift store offer. I tried to find wool sweaters today and only found one...I guess it doesn't get cold enough here for wool. How am I to be like my artsy idols, Charlotte and Julie, when I don't have any wool to felt??? Argh. Keep working on those journal pages. I can't wait to see more.

Hi Michelle! College Spanish major here- if you need anything-what that would be, I have no idea! LOL. Love your pink journal pages! How can you possibly organize your craft room- it IS organized! How is Charmsters? Are you speaking of Wanda Eash- is that who you met? Know her from The Faerie Zine and some swappin'


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