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They're beautiful - love especially the last because of the colors you used - they're my fave.

Hi Michelle, I saw your post on Kari's blog. I will be attending the Art Nest and I look forward to meeting you. I just got the handmade booklet from the Nest today and it is awesome, you will love it. Candice and Julie are talented girls.

Beautiful and inspiring pages! I'm working in my own art journal today as I think I'll finish it, just a few last words here and there and it's... full! :-) My favorite of these is the middle one - pink and shabby chick! :-)

You are so talented. Glad to see you are taking time to make some art for yourself too. I need to do that!!

Hugs, Kim

i'm following kelly's 'prompt a day' online class and using her techniques for a a's fun to try on someone else's 'style' for awhile...although i DO miss my watercolors and crayons!!
i'm anxious to try emily's 52Q!

I can tell you love creating those pages, enjoyed looking at them! They are inspirational! Smiles, Anke ;)

your pages are lovely!

girl, I love your stuff. Thanks for the inspiration!

unbelieveably gorgeous art journaling Michelle. I am a true lover of art journals and I appreciate the look into yours! xo natalea

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