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Ooohh! Lucky! HAve a great time!

Wow, that's quite the package for Art Nest! Candice is a delight...I've designed books for her and her husband...She's wonderful! You're going to have a blast, I'm sure!

I went to Art Nest last year and just loved it. You're going to have a fabulous time and those ladies rock! You'll get the full princess treatment and get to play in the snow.

What an inspiring parcel! That'll get you excited, not that you need much encouragement. You'll have a wonderful time :)

Such cool stuff! Love that package---looks like you'll have a great artsy time! Sweet little treasure chests you're making also! Holy Cow, the Bargain Hunt sale looks like a real-life Etsy warehouse---wonder if I can talk Brad into going up to the big city Sunday...

How exciting! Can't wait to see what you learn!


Have a great time! I love everything that Julie does and she seems like the sweetest lady. Take lots of photos....Utah is's my home state. :)

Oh so fun! Envious of your impending trip! have a blast!

I'm so excited to meet you! And didn't you just die when you recieved the packs? So sweet.

How thrilling! I will be there with you in spirit - sounds like an amazing time. Have fun fun fun!

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