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Isn't it cool how many memories can be attached to a car? I felt the same way when we took our little red Civic to the dump :(

It is definitely funny how we can get attached to cars. My hubby does the same thing. We have a mustang that is in sad shape but he won't get rid of it since it was his first car, it's a 1965, he says he wants to restore it. Hmmm...we'll see.

It's such a real relationship with these cars that carry us safely from one place to the next, isn't it?! RIP little Rodeo!

Awww, sweet memories get attached to vehicles don't they? And with our vehicles, some sour memories too---but they always seem to create the best stories! I like that our first subaru now lives around the corner, purchased from us by a neighbor/friend. He supposedly liked to buy cars for his summer vacation, then sell them after, but our old car is still parked outside his place---several years later! Nice of you guys to donate your Isuzu!

Oh my gosh, I'm nearly in tears over here. I hope the Mazda is helping Gman feel not nearly so sad.


I've so enjoyed getting caught up on your blog! What a funny post this is. So sweet.

Love your gorgeous works below. Very NICE!!!

Hope you're well. Happy new year! Will I be seeing you at any of Kim's events this year? I hope so.

Take care,


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