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Happy Birthday Glen! Wish I were there to give you a hug and play HB on my violin for you. Have a Fabulous year!

Steve says HB too :)

Yay! Happy Birthday Glen! Hope it's the beginning of a great year for you!

Happy Birthday to your man! LOVE homemade cake AND chocolate too. . . His taste is as good in cake as it is in wonderful women!! Miss you. . .

Hugs, Kim

hey sweets,
how fun!!
hey thanks for my tiles and extra barbie stuff. love them.
thanks for thinkin about me.
hope all is well.


Oh yeah-chocolate and more chocolate, what no chocolate sprinkles?!
I agree that some of the coloring,etc. looks mighty old...
thanks for sharing :)

Happy birthday to your hubby! I love the photo of you two with your daughter!

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