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OOh! A white pre-Christmas! So beautiful!

Oy. I screwed up. Michelle, you won, you won, you won!!!! Can you please email me your address?? I got you mixed up with Jeweled Elegance somehow and she was nice enough to set me straight. :) I'm so excited you won.

hello I have been trying to do some catching up with every one. I love the beautiful winter photos. So pretty. Sounds like some really great parties you went too.

Merry Christmas


I really love the snow pictures since as there is no snow here in SF. Love the pics of Glen and Miranda, sounds like an awesome weekend!

Wow! That's a lot of snow! And at the tree hoisting- Glen looks very official and Miranda looks very cold! Didn't know you knew Dale too!

I'm playing blog-catch-up today---happy new year Michelle! Love that last snow photo---can I "steal" it for a possible painting some day?! Since we were gone during most of the snow I missed out on too many photo ops!!

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