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Happy Holidays! Great pic of you guys in front of the tree! Love your journal pages and yep that would be a GREAT find at Goodwill! Hope your teeth feel better soon! still my heart.

That was a score. I collected these long before they became fave is a turquoise set I have and there was also an orange set I no longer have and have not seen anywhere since.

Lucky gal!

NIce goodwill score Michelle! Can't wait to see you at the next great crafting event, whatever that may be! I wish you were coming to Kim's Marie Antoinette event!!!
Miss you!

I don't think my previous comment worked! Anyhoo, great good will find! Miss you sweet MIchelle!

There are my Gellers in front of a sparkly tree! Hi Gellers! I assume that shot was taken in Nutriaville? :)

I'm glad you like the kitties etc

Your journal pages are so stylishly you, you creative gal

Hope your mouthcage is feeling better!

What a find!!! ..and Happy Belated Birthday, friend. I'm SO sorry I missed it.

Beautiful picture of the Gellers, Lights, and Moon. That would make a great Christmas Card! I hate it that that sadistic dentist made your teeth hurt more. I hate, excuse me, do not like dentists. Love and miss you.

Happy Belated Birthday, Michelle -

Mine was the 5th of December...

Your smile is going to be so radiant and all the pain memories will fade.

What are your plans for the Anagrams? I found a little set at an estate sale in N.E. Chicago a few weeks ago (visiting kids), but mine are tiny and look like mini (black) Scrabble letters.

What a wonderful week!

OOOH I'm jealous of your awesome find at the Goodwill!

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