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loving the photos! i remember the conversation about her golden bday! cuz kelsey's bday is tomorrow also! happy bday girls!
have a wonderful holiday as well!

Love it, Love it, Love it! Check out my blog pix too!

So cool you videotaping Glen :)

I love this. We have 13 inches here in mac too.

Can you believe this storm!??!! We are just getting hammered over here. We've gotten 6 more inches since the sun rose and it's still snowing! I think we have about 2 feet total on the ground with that lovely frozen rain ice layer in the middle like frosting in a layer cake .. it's just surreal. Our cars don't have enough clearance to get out on the local streets anymore so we are stuck, stuck, stuck! But it sure is pretty! Great pics you took of the snow and ice in your area!

Glad you don't have to go to work in this stuff. Stay warm and safe!! And eat lots of those yummy cookies! :)

And Happy Birthday to Miranda!!

Wow your photos look like back here, we are going to get hit again with snow and freezing rain. I love your photos they are so pretty. We still have ice on all our trees and just about every thing.

Have a warm and safe Merry Christmas


Hey there sweets,

Merry Christmas.
Have a fantastic holiday season.


I'm just loving all the snow!!
Have a very Merry Christmas Michelle!!
xoxo natalea

********HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIRANDA!!!********

Mine is in 2 days! Hope yours was WONDERFUL!!


Love the winter pix! We have tons of snow here too..but what else is new in Canada! Merry Christmas and all the best for 2009!

Sandy xox

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