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Merry Christmas to you all, low key or not, you've got your family around you and that's the main thing.

Merry Christmas Michelle! The snow is beautiful and I hope you have a safe and Happy New Year.

Hey we took a picture of our house to use for next years card too! But I'm not showing until they are sent out or people won't be surprised. Although they will probably forget they ever saw it.
Have a great week!

Michelle, Thanks for those reminded me of my childhood. I used to go out and take pictures of everything covered with snow. It is just beautiful. I hope your low-key Christmas is nice. :) Take care and Happy Holidays.

hi Michelle! my goal this morning was to go to your blog! i'm having computer issues (on the laptop), so i'm up early this morning,so i can use the other computer before the boys take it over. i'm really sorry to hear that Glen got laid off. that is such a bummer; i just hate hearing that. i can see where that definitely would zap all the holiday spirit. scary times right now, that's for sure. i love your little impromputu tree and how you decorated it. i know you are happy to have your girl about too. hope all is well with her these days. Merry Christmas (a day late!)

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