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I can clearly see you and yours are as happy as I am!!! I love our new President and the hope he brings to all of us!! I'm sure you got the same letter in your inbox, as I did in mine, something I will cherish forever!

It's a new day, Sweetie :) What a blessing of Hope for the world. Congratulations to Glen for all his hard work!


I felt a sense of national pride that was larger than other times. I am so proud to be a citizen of the greatest country in the world!

Yes we can, & yes we did! YAY what a monumental evening last night was!

Our whole family was glued the TV for election night. I am soooo excited and happy .. and hopeful for the future! We did it! Go Obama!!

It's a joyous new world! It is so right that it feels as if it was written~
that it was meant to be and meant to be now.Hallelujah!


Tears of Joy here in New Jersey!!!

This is an amaaazing time to be alive!!!


Yes we DID!!!!

xoxo Jenny & Aaron

Just strolling by and thought I'd join in the celebration. Hear that? It's the clinking of my champagne glass toasting yours. YAHOOO!!!
I'm your neighbor across the river, in Vancouver,WA.

Sweet Wishes,

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