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Love your pictures, Michelle. And the pumpkin your husband carved is awesome!

Great pics!!! LOVE the pumpkin.
One more day.........

Lovely pix. Thanks for taking us with you to Glen's lil' airport, and sharing the tree colors

Have fun voting! I'll be with you in spirit :)

Ah, hasn't this been the best autumn?! The colors are just stunning this year! Walked around town today to a meeting, then zig-zagged my way home, gathering colorful leaves on the way... I'm feeling a watercolor or 8 coming on... Turned in our ballots today after voting at a pub yesterday---you've encouraged a new tradition for us! Thanks! Was fun!!

love the pumpkin!
so, so hopeful right now.

aren't the leaves so gorgeous right now. i just keep taking pictures of them! wish i was a good enough watercolour artist to capture the reds of the japanese maple in our yard!


Your Fall pictures are gorgeous!! Looove this time of year!

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