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I'm glad you guys had a nice Thanksgiving. Cranberries rock!

I believe the purple berries are called Beauty Berries. Seriously. I first saw them on Martha Stewart a few years back. Steve and I always look for them when we go to Van Dusen Garden this time of year.

Happy Sunday!

Wow, great series of photos! Love the red frames :). Your cranberry sauce almost makes me want some (never been a fan of cranberries---but I do like them dried in salads!) Love, love, love the photo of the outdoor red berries...that gray background just makes them POP! Aren't those purple berries brilliant? We saw some at the Oregon Gardens last year, and I've noticed them here & there ever since. Sweet self portrait---Glen looks like he's laughing! Happy Holiday season!!

Your Feast sounds and looks wonderful! My Mom made fresh cranberry/orange this year too, and it was fabulous! I always make the stuffing, cuz my Mom's is dry and yucky...(she said it, I didn't!) This year I tried making mine similar to how Martha made one on her show with pomegranite seeds in it. It was O.K, but the cornbread one I usually make with apples, dried cranberries, and white raisins is to die for! Back to the tried and true next year, or maybe at Christmas! I loooove cranberries...I even made some chocolate chip cookies with dried ones (craisins) in them..Yummy!
The pic of you and Glen is so cut, and it does look like you are Tree hunting! Tell Miranda I said Hi!

OMG!!! I made that cranberry sauce AFTER making a frantic phone call to my husband at the store to bring home canned sauce! Then I forgot to put it out on the table!!!! It was yummy the next day!

Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry December to you!!!

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