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Love, Love all the beautiful pictures Michelle, You were such a treat to meet too:)

hey there doll,

wow you have fab pictures!!
it was so fun hangin with ya this weekend!!
you are such a doll.
see ya next year, if not sooner.


Thank You Thank You Thank You !!! So wonderful to see your photos, Girlfriend. You're so generous with your descriptions. Love your fabulous green sweater with the ruffly sleeves.

I'm glad you had Fun :)

Wow. You have a very good description of the first 24 hrs. or so. I enjoyed meeting you. :) Next year, we'll have to hang out even more. xoxo, Joanna

You got some awesome pix there! I am soooo happy we got to meet girl! You rock!

Bella Hugs!

wasn't that just so much fun!? love all the pics Michelle!
xoxo natalea

Thanks for the sweet words you left me. How nice of you!

Great pictures, your ATC is just adorable. And Hope's stash! I just sold a jewel box exactly like that, durn it, or I'd steal her idea and carry my stuff like she did!

Michelle! It WAS fun to meet you! I agree with the have some great pictures and great descriptions! Loads of fun, I'm so happy I was there this year!!!
Smiles! Heidi Woodruff

Oh my gosh, girl it was so great to see you again, I can't believe the weekend went so fast, can you? Love seeing your photos, your swaps look like sooo much fun, show us more, more, more!!!


OMG,it makes me feel that I am there, too. Would love to go there someday and just be absorbed in all that creativity. Thanks for sharing us your pictures. Sorry haven't been here in awhile and also, Lilli's blog.

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