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Oh, so lovely! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures w/us! Happy Birthday to you!

Sounds like a fabulous time was had by all. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos.

oh man, you warned me to hold on to the glitter, but wowie, what a fabulous show! i loved reading through everything. . .
that photo of you laughing, priceless.

So glad you had fun!


Thanks for the lovely lovely tour! I feel almost like I was there with you :)

Looks like you had a wonderful time. Missed seeing you gals this year! Thanks for sharing your pics. Happy Birthday! I hope it was great one!

cool stuff! I posted about my "special gifts" today too... and I think Jessi did also. :) I have made a note to myself: bring more gifts next year! xoxo, Joanna

I should have taken more pictures....I'm so bad about that.
LOVE the way your fabric bracelet turned out, it's gorgeous. I might have to try to make one of them too!

It was so nice meeting you in person Michelle--such great photos--you really captured Silver Bella!

wow Michelle, I'm loving all your photos..I can never get myself to take enough pics when I'm on a trip!

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