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Oh my, Michelle! That looks so heavenly! That's about as rough as I can go for camping!!
Thanks for sharing- I want to take my kids now!

Wow! A yurt? I must stay in a yurt.

wow, how fun
gorgeous pics. you look so happy!!
see ya soon

What a wonderful trip and gorgeous pics. I'm not a big camper but I could do THAT!

love love love your shadow on the sand!!!! great photos Michelle.

Yurt Yurt Yurt. Being it is so much fun just to say, I can only imagine how fun it is to actually Yurt-camp. Yurt, yurt, yurt...weeee!

ps. creative pics!

Huh. Who knew a yurt could be so cool? That just looks divine! So great to see you again at Art & Soul and shopping on Alberta St. Next time I'm in Portland, I have GOT to make it to the coast!

Even though we just returned from the beach Wed, after an impromptu invitation to stay with friends in a condo, I want to go back and stay in a Yurt now!! That looks so sweet & cozy! It's year-round camping at its best if it has a heater....I'm so there this winter!!

I've never stayed in a YURT, but everyone I've talked to that has always says it's great! We live on the southern Oregon coast so after doing some exporing, I get to go back to my own pillow and bed! We love the Oregon coast! Your pictures are great.


(blog giveway now, on my new and FINAL blog home!)

What gorgeous pix you took, Michelle! I'm glad you had a nice getaway :)

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