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Beautiful :) I love the colors you used in the Elise pages, and I'm amazed at how different you made the Melissa pages look. Such talent.

Which Art Next are you going to: Winter or Summer?

Each page is so gorgeous! Love your writing with the calligraphy pen. The vaseline resist page is fabulous!
Lucky swappers!!

Hi Cutie! Your stuff is looking great! Nice to see you at A&S!

Michelle~ OH! I adore every page! How delightful!!
Thanks for dropping my blog!!

Hey, I just read your profile and I ADORE "Somewhere in Time" also! Have you read the books it is based on by Jack Finney? I think they are ouit of print, but they are marvelous!
I play the soundtrack all the time (that and "Out of Africa".)

I am so elated to have my fabulous RR book back home. I am still taking my time going through it and enjoying each page. Love your pages you did for mine.

Such beautiful artwork! I love the colors and all the different techniques you used... Thanks for sharing, Roxanne

The Lo's are just beautiful. Can't wait for mine to come home to me. I will let you know asap when I get yours still waiting for it!

Too cool! All of those techniques and sessions are beginning to show up in your art! As usual, my favorite part is your journaling, you have wonderful script.

Wow, these are nice!!!!

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