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So much fun! I'll get there one day....... *wish*

I loved every bit of your post! What a wonderful group of women you got to play with!

oh my gosh what a wonderful week you had! I am so green. ; )

We haven't met yet but I'm in the charmer's group. I've been pretty quiet lately because I just had a baby in August. I'm looking forward to getting back into some swaps, though!

I'm so glad that you posted so many pictures and wrote about the lovely time you had. I can just feel the magical energy that is Art & Soul!


You are SOOO lucky!

I'm glad you had fun and that I got to see you. Thanks for mentioning me here, You sure get around!


My oh my....what fun!!!
Love that you used the Lucky bingo card. Gorgeous piece!!!

I am still all teared up about having to miss two and one half classes (two day ones and one evening one) but I got to take Michael's class and that was a hoot.
Now I need to get my better half heal after the surgery and I will be embarking into a de-stashing mode to make place for all the new things I bought.
Watch out Etsy, here I come with my oldies but goodies.

It was truly nice to see you and I hope we see each other soon again. Thank you so much for coming by and leaving a message. KIVA thanks you too, I am sure.

dear michelle,
i loved your post! the photo of cassondra and the pink dress, fabulous.
thank you for taking pictures. . . i enjoyed so much hanging with you and the gals. thank you for the wonderful dinner at hula hands! unforgettable.
it is so cool to see your photos of your gatherings book again. such lovely work. i am mesmerized by the ones of your gridlocked class. i so wanted to take that one with you. the blue is stunning with your pieces.
hope all is well, julie

Lovely, lovely projects! What fun you had. Sorry I missed you this year Michelle... I'll be in Hillsboro this coming weeekend. If you can stop by, I'd love to see you!

I hung in there and that Gridlocked is absolutely my favorite thing you did! Those were great photos and lots of wonderful finds...can't wait to see the stash!

From what I've seen, ARt and Soul is pretty cool to go to. Love your charms!

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