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MMM! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and you make the most delicious packages! Have a great time at Silver Bella and I am still planning on making it in 2 years!

Oooh, love the idea of voting over a pint & dessert at your fav. local pub! Might have to start that tradition (rather than the kitchen table...) By the way, is Silver Bella in Nebraska? Seems I heard Mary Engelbreit might be there for something.... she's to speak at the Sat. luncheon on the 15th of Nov.... Do you know about this? Fun fun fun!

I don't know how I missed your fabric fatbook....I would have been so in on that one! Bummer!

I LOVE your sneek peeks of the fatbook!! I can hardly wait to see it all come together. Thanks so much for hosting this amazing swap:)


Okay, talk about freakishly long, here comes Stephanie! You asked for it by putting your link on your email. Where to start? OMG...the sneak peek for the covers of one of which will be mine soooooooo...nnnnnn! OMG, 2, the Art and Soul pieces that you made-absolutely fab!!! OMG, 3, then you know I'm from Texas then my whole family moved to the Monterey Peninsula but now all live in Corvallis, OR? Wow, OR has soooooooo many great ideas. I never went to the polls when I lived in CA as I always signed up for the mail ballot which was fine and not have to give a special reason or anything. When we moved to Maryland and Paul and I went to register we said we wanted to vote absentee and they wigged. Are you going to be dead that day? Are you dying, a relative? It was worse than trying to get out of jury duty. It's not a huge deal but I think it would help lots more folks vote and I loved sitting in my own home and reading through the ballot propositions, etc. Okay, also in 3, no pumping your own gas? Brilliant, so why isn't every state doing that, especially when unemployement is at a historic low? And, 4, yurt camping?!!!!!!!!!! I love it, I want to got yurt camping, now, TAKE ME YURT CAMPING NOW OR I'LL HOLD MY BREATH! Just kidding but I do love it. I told you freakishly long but so much good stuff all at one time...thanks for sharing, Stephanie

Wow Michelle! Your covers are looking great! i love them!
Just wanted to say Hi! Happy Halloween, and I just tagged you!

Way to go, Glen! What a fantastic gift to your community and country :) I did my civic duty this time too, for our country's recent federal election.

Michelle, your fabric book looks fa-bu-lous. Girlfriend, you are so talented!

go glen!
go obama.
OR - stay blue!

Miranda is so pretty.
yay Glen! how interesting--i did not know that oregon, or any state really, was exclusively vote by mail.
your projects are lovely. happy November!

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