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Yikes about needing new glasses, but yay for not being charged - that must have been a relief! And that's a lovely view you have - and cute kitties!

Wow, how fun! A little tour of Michelle-land. Can't wait to see the view(s) for real. I blogged about you last night a smidgeon. Can you email me your mailing addy again-I have it-probably in more than one place, but you know....anyway, think I might mail a small box to you with our swap, my trades and my supplies (which are small), if you're okay with that. xo, Gina Two weeks? Can it reall be two weeks?

You make up the funniest words Michelle and you always have the happy spin on everything! Cute new glasses and yes it is 2 weeks. I am afraid to look at my supply lists as I have 4 very involved classes. Oh well, I guess it will have to be 2 suitcases. I hope I see you there again.

Catherine Witherell

The display with the bottles is gorgeous, what a really nice way to show it off!

Lovely pix Michelle and how cool you didn't have to pay for your glasses! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I can't wait for all of us to get-together in Nebraska!

Sand xox

great post!! :-) That is soo cool that you live in the northwest too!! I adore Portland!! :-)maybe we will meet sometime :-)
I am in LOVE with the watch parts you bought off ebay that you posted about awhile ago. soo cool!! hope you have a really wonderful night!!!
xoxo Britt

Hey Miss Michelle! You look DARLING in your new glasses! WHOO-HOO you didnt have to pay for them! ;) Love the view from your bedroom. I've only been to Portland once and LOVED it. So different from the south! Look forward to seeing you again at SB!!! Smiles,Jenn

I like your glasses. They go great with your hair color. I suppose I'll get to see them in person at Bella. :) xoxo, Joanna

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