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Congrats Michelle!!! Love the new banner......I wanted to use my 50% off coupon too but tired kids prevented me from doing so :) Off to check out your shop!

Hey Michelle,

Congrats on the new etsy shope! I will keep looking for tchotchkes I can't resist...

I'm in Chicago this week and I will check out some neighborhood thrift shops (fun!). I also realized after walking down the alley behind our B and B that many interesting items may be lurking there!


Yay you! Congratulations on your Etsy biz :). I keep toying with starting up one... photos? beads? prints? paintings? kids hats? just don't know where or how to focus I guess....
Sorry to hear about Miranda's foot! At least she was nearby this time (remembering her Hawaiian injury---ouch!)

Congrats on already making 4 sales in your new shop!!! I hope Miranda heals quickly! I really appreciate your sweet comments about the banner and for mentioning me at your etsy store too. You rock!

P.S Where ddoes ArtFest take place?

Sand xoxox

I like the new banner!!!

We had such a blast on Saturday, thanks for coming over! Tom enjoyed his whiskey with a cigar Sunday night. He loved it and I was supposed to email you guys a thank you from him. xoxo

and have fun with etsy too!

I just went to check in on your shop and you've done fabulous!!!
I'm still thinking about ArtFest!

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