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Hi Shell...that strengthfinder assessment sure nailed your personality! That is so cool, I love taking "tests" like that. You are definitely a inspirational, happy and very much loved relator!

Here here, Simone...even I can relate to THAT.

Hello Shellseester!

I need that book! I will even pay the extra to narrow it down, lol! Have a great and productive week!

Hi Michelle,
I have not been blog visiting like I used to so am so happy that came by with birthday wishes!!!

thank you!

Pretty pages!! And that strength finder does sound interesting.....might just have to check that out. Oh, and I can certainly RELATE to the messy craft room!!

Love the coffee-table-as-temporary-craft-area. If the need to create RIGHT NOW has me moving a project to the dining room table, my DH just peeps in an goes, "Huh?"
Lucky I have them all trained to eat out on the deck!

The Strength Finder sounds cool. Thanks!

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