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I think it is very nice that blog awards are circulating! There are so many of us that believe we "know" each other and it makes recognition that much nicer! Congrats, seester!

Joanna Newsom, this very one, is cousin to our own San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom. Her voice is very strange...quirky as heck. Love the harp though.

OMG - I love your watch parts charm...and your banner!!! Eeeek! Beautiful. Can you believe only about a month until I see Portland for the first time ever?! What shall you and I swap?

Truly quirky music---had to send the link to a friend who has a harp playing daughter! Cool Beans!

i love your page for the ArtFest 2008 Dorm 202 fatbook.
isn't it a great collection?

so excited about the class selections for ArtFest 2009!

thanks for the video link--it is just gorgeous. i can't say I'm a fan of her voice, but i love the imagery and i love watching her pluck at her harp. i've always thought harp players were just beautiful.
congrats on your award!

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