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Hello Sweet Friendie...

You know, I can't remember what sweet peas smell like, but I think they're lovely. So pretty and modest.

I'm grateful for you :)

I also love sweet peas! We must have SO been separated at birth! (envision AHnold and Danny de Vito :)
Have a great weekend and thanks for explaining why my cat comes to me to rub her then bites at me...signed, first time cat owner...

Your kitty looks like he is smiling! So cute! Mine lays on her back like that too, only she puts her hind legs straight out......

I love, love, love sweet peas too!!! That fragrance---just divine! We've had some volunteers coming up the last 2 years in the garden---I carefully weed & plant around them, picking the lovely deep purple flowers & burying my nose in them as often as I can! Sweet photo of Bastian! Our cat loves to have his belly rubbed too & is the first cat I've even known that doesn't eventually glom onto your hand with all 4 paws... he just rolls around, stretches, and just gets all happy!

Well, I love you, too!
Bastian is one cool kitty!

Hi! Thank you for all your sweet compliments Michelle! And Thank you for promoting my class! You are too sweet! 'Twas lovely seeing you-hope we can meet up again in this artsy world. And I LOVE your cat!!!! What a hunka muffin!

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